Vacation in paradise.

Zipolite, El Eden Tropical is located on the shores of the South Pacific, in the state of Oaxaca, 257 km from the Oaxaca capital; a paradise that extends 1.5 km of golden sand of medium grain, crystalline waters with green to blue tones, with pronounced swell that is preferred for those who like surfing and extreme water sports.

Puerto Ángel

Ideal bays for swimming; Here you can take an open sea tour to hopefully see turtles, dolphins and even from November to March there are whale sightings.


Population located 15 minutes from Zipolite (by taxi or car) here you can visit the turtle conservation museum, a store of soaps and natural cosmetics and Punta Cometa (it is an ideal place to watch the sunsets).


Population located 20 minutes from Zipolite, here you can take a tour on the lagoon that is connected to the sea; The main attraction is crocodiles, in addition to knowing the different types of mangroves that exist in the area, as well as some birds, iguanas and deer.