Zipolite,earthly paradise.

Zipolite, described as a global beach full of magic difficult to leave. The tropical Eden is located on the shores of the South Pacific, in the state of Oaxaca, just 257 km from the Oaxaca capital; a paradise that extends for its 1.5 km of golden sand of medium grain, crystalline waters with green to blue tones with pronounced waves that is preferred for those who like surfing and extreme water sports.

Zipolite is known for the free practice of nudism, the rustic nature of the community and the total proximity to nature, since at all times you can observe birds, iguanas, tlacuaches and even mosquitoes and the majesty of the rich type of vegetation "Baja Caducifolia" , which only greens when it is rainy weather.

Hotel Nude is defined as an ideal place to practice nudism and create an experience of freedom and acceptance and in contact with nature. The nudist activity can be practiced along 1.5 km of extension with the Zipolite beach as well as within the facilities: swimming pool, room terraces, lounge chairs or even walking inside; The only place where there is restriction is in the restaurant part, if the client wishes to consume food or drinks and practice nudity, he will only be asked to put on a short, pareo or his towel.

Amenities and Services

Outdoors pool.




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